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How We’re Different

The Evolved Difference

  • Open to use of new approaches and modalities as they evolve to better treat the “New Addict”
  • Treating Addiction as a “Brain Disease”, Use of Medically Assisted Treatment as Indicated and specialized assessment tools.
  • Long -term community-based treatment services along with several levels of care
  • Use of collaborative partners to insure “whole person” needs are met in the home community
  • Long term “Recovery Coaching” approach
  • Use of latest technologies and web-based platforms and applications to remain connected with the patient on a daily basis post treatment and involve other stockholders in the recovery process.  


“The evolve difference is we not only take a whole person approach to treatment, but we also leverage the latest approaches and uses of technologies to better treat Evolving profile of today’s substance use disorder person.  We assess the “Brain Disease” components of Substance Use Disorders to best tailor approaches to cognitive function and comprehension.”